If you are a user

The best place to find answers is at the community where WinBuilder is developed.

Please take into consideration that our software is an engine that powers the projects from many volunteers and friends around the globe. Many times we see users writing “winbuilder is not working” while in fact what doesn’t work is the project that is being developed by someone else around the web.

When looking for answers we recommend using: http://reboot.pro/forum/22/

The reboot.pro forum is our favorite place to write about this kind of software. It is there that you find us and many other fans of boot disks. This is particularly useful if you see that something is not clear or not working and need an expert opinion.

If your project is giving some kind of error, don’t forget to make available the log file or messages that allows us to understand better what is going wrong.


If you are developing a script or plugin or need help

The same as above, look on reboot.pro and ask your questions, typically you should get an expert answer within 10 minutes or maybe a day if the question is more complex.

We welcome volunteers who would like to join our dev team.

If you have some free time and like helping other people, write us a message to get in contact with the rest of the team. Welcome!