On this page we provide the links for different projects based on WinBuilder, along with a small description.

We recommend starting with a Win7PE. This is a Windows PE that uses the installation files from a Windows 7 DVD or ISO image as source for the boot disk. Look below for some of the projects that we recommend to try out.


Winbuilder 2013

This is the easiest Windows PE builder on earth (not kidding). It is built using the most recent version of WinBuilder which is platform independent (builds on Linux, Windows and MacOSX). In terms of simplicity, this is the perfect start for those who just need a boot disk to be created without fuss.

It has a window that accepts commands. Type “auto” on this window and see it creating your boot disk right away. Highly recommended if you just need to create a simple boot disk. Follow the instructions on the download link.

Advantages: Simple, stable and very fast (less than 3 minutes to create a boot disk).

Disadvantages: No support for plugins on the current edition.

Download link: http://reboot.pro/files/file/342-winbuilder/



This project provides an elegant Windows 7 PE boot disk. It is based on WinBuilder 082, which means expansion of the project functionality through hundreds of plugins that you find around the web and at the download section from reboot.pro.

Advantages: Elegant desktop as result, you find plugins for your favorite programs are likely available already.

Disadvantages: Older winbuilder versions have higher system require admin permissions, only run on Windows may take up to 30 minutes for building a boot disk.

Download link: http://reboot.pro/files/file/265-ezpe3/



Additional info

Other projects

You find many more pre-packaged projects for WinBuilder at http://reboot.pro/files/category/4-projects/


Adding more features

If you want add more features to your boot disk and/or software programs such as disk utilities, antivirus and the such, then look on this page: http://reboot.pro/files/category/1-app-scripts/


Requesting new features

In case you don’t find an app script that adds the feature you are looking for, please write a request on this forum section: http://reboot.pro/forum/74/


Asking questions

Sometimes you might run into something that doesn’t work. On these cases you might find useful to read some pages of documentation to discover what can be fixed or changed. Please visit our documentation page for further instructions.

We will be happy to help you to get things sorted and working. See you at http://reboot.pro